3 Best Legit Ways to Make Money Online

Are you very happy with your day job and the money they’re paying you? Are your financials just dandy and worry-free? If you answered yes to these questions, then you don’t need to know the best (legal) ways to make money online. If you answered no, then you’re in for a treat. The online market is a constantly changing and dynamic thing, but there are some things that have consistently been in demand for years and don’t look like it’s going away. We looked up the best ways of making money online – nothing like the fast buck gigs that so many people are offering but real services that are in demand and compensate relatively well.

These three ways of making money online are so consistent and rooted in a real need that, with time, you can actually do one or all of them full time and make more money than a nine to five job. They are:

  1. Teaching English

Knowing English is a huge resume boost for most Asian countries. But while they’re taught how to read and write English in school or after-school academies, most of them have never had the chance to speak English often or with a native English speaker. By just speaking English and knowing the English language, you have a highly valuable skill that you can sell online. Most of your clients will likely be from more affluent Asian countries like Tokyo and South Korea. You can get started by simply looking at online bulletins and offering your services as a freelance English teacher or you can look up existing English teaching programs and sign up to work online.

  1. Blogging

Most people who say they are earning money online get the bulk of their income by blogging, and that’s besides associate marketing and advertising. There are plenty of business owners and companies who will pay for you to write for their blogs. There are people who write for a variety of blogs, producing articles about stocks, sports, pets, you name it. And as you write for other people’s blogs, you can link your articles to your personal blog and build traffic for yourself too.

  1. Amazon Associate Program

There are a lot of ways to make money with Amazon, not just selling products online. Amazon has one of the oldest affiliate programs online; that is a program that pays you a commission for every sale that you can generate as a third-party marketer. There are a lot of associate programs out there and you would do well to look them up so that you can pick and choose. We’re recommending Amazon in this article because it’s a very popular shopping website. A large percentage of online shoppers in the U.S. use Amazon for most of their online purchases. And with a commission rate of as much as 15%, they pay a decent commission. They also have the advantage of having a good conversion rate which means they get most of their traffic to actually make a purchase, not just browse.

If you’re only getting started on learning the different ways to make money online, then these three ways are a good way to go. You can also learn more about making a living online by signing up for our newsletter where we focus on helping you grow as an online entrepreneur, developing winning strategies, and trimming the fat so that you can earn more while working less.



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